Home Security Systems with Video Camera Surveillance

cameras-157034738Home security systems with video camera surveillance are a step apart. They are not only systems with security sensors that can alert you to check things out when needed, and they are not only systems with alarms that go off to warn you. They are literally an extension of your vision because they allow you to have eyes on everything – on your yard, your basement, your attic, your children’s rooms, your front and back porch…all of it at once! Video camera surveillance makes home security systems stronger and more reliable, because you can see just what exactly is going on. Here are the pieces of security camera systems that enable them to help you see:

The Cameras Themselves. Yes, there would be nothing for you to see without being able to look through some sort of lens. Video cameras for home security systems have all kinds of different styles and strengths, so their “sight” varies greatly in quality and range. Some cameras have excellent quality night vision, providing a clear black and white picture so that you can easily detect what is going on in their view. Others have extendable ranges due to pan tilt zoom features, which will let you get an image from multiple angles as well as close ups when necessary. And still others can have a smoked dome cover so that people don’t realize when they are being watched and don’t know where the lens is actually pointing. These cameras can literally be your eyes, especially if you have remote access which enables you to live stream what they are streaming.

Interior with door and armchair 465446709The Monitor. The monitor in home security systems with cameras is kind of like your brain, in that it is where you see what the camera sees. In the human body, when your eyes see something, it is only when the signal reaches the brain that you can actually process and understand what your eyes are seeing. Likewise, the monitor is where what the cameras see actually shows up for you to see and process and understand. You can switch view from camera to camera so that you can see all that the cameras see, giving you a complete visual on your home and yard.

The Recordings. You can’t always be right at your monitor, much as you might want to sit there and stare at a screen all day, waiting for something out of the ordinary to happen. And so every camera in home security systems all over the world is built with some sort of recording device. This may be DVR, it may be an SD card, or it may be another type of recording process. But whatever the type, the fact that it records is essential because it means you can go back and re-watch things. If someone is trying to break in and a camera catches it and the motion sensor sends you an alert, the criminal may be able to dart away (or into your house) and avoid detection because you can no longer see him on the camera. But with recording, you’ll be able to see what happened in the last few minutes, hours, or possibly even days, depending on how long your cameras are able to hold onto recordings.

You really can have eyes on all parts of your property with video surveillance. With cameras in home security systems, you’ll be able to catch and identify criminal activity on sight. One thing’s for certain: they never saw it coming.