Security Sensors for Home Disasters

Infrared motion sensor 466282673Security sensors are essential devices in every home security system, but often for different reasons than people usually give them credit for. Everyone focuses on the home security aspect of trying to save your home and property from criminals who would rob you. No one focuses on those security sensors meant not to protect against intruders but to protect you from your own house! Your home should be a safe haven of rest and protection for you, but the fact remains that our homes are full of hazards that could potentially threaten our own safety and the safety of the home itself. What are these security sensors? Here’s a list for you:

  • Water Sensors and Water Leak Detectors – These are one of the most useful kinds of security sensors for home disasters because the potential for property damage is astronomical. If you’ve ever seen a pipe break or a water heater burst, you know firsthand that water floods QUICKLY. There is so much pressure and so much running water that goes in and through our houses that if a disaster occurs, the whole place can be flooded in a really short amount of time. Without a water sensor or leak detector to warn you that there’s water where it shouldn’t be, you could wake up one morning to find rooms flooded, walls damaged, toxic mold growing, and the carpet destroyed, not to mention all the furnishings in your home that could be ruined. And let’s not even talk about when a septic tank busts. Suffice to say, water security sensors can save you a whole lot of damage and contamination.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – We human beings are unable to detect carbon monoxide, which you’d think wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that it can kill us. But these little beauties can detect it, and they’ll warn you so that you can get to safe ground while professionals come in to clear out your home. Without carbon monoxide detectors, people would have no idea when to vacate the premises for their own safety.
  • Fire Detectors and Smoke Detectors – How many people get annoyed at fire alarms and take the batteries out when they occasionally chirp? Okay, probably a good half of us at least. But if there was an actual fire in your home, wouldn’t you want security sensors to warn you? That’s what these are for, and they’ve saved thousands of lives over the years since they were created.
  • Midwestern house, Summer 110926688Temperature Sensors – Freeze sensors and heat sensors can actually detect when the temperature has gotten too high or too cold and alert you to check out conditions. If a room is way hotter than it normally is, a heat sensor will warn you that there may be a problem or hazard that could cause a fire. And freeze sensors will notice when conditions are getting really cold, warning you that pipes are at risk of freezing and in need of care.

There are a whole lot of catastrophes that security sensors can warn you about so that you’re protected from harm and so that you can save your home from complete ruin. So, let’s all raise a glass to these types of security sensors – the unsung heroes of homes and home security systems all over the world!