What You Can Get out of Home Security Reviews

89792373Home security reviews are in some ways just like other product reviews – full of some facts and a lot of angry anecdotes from dissatisfied customers that may or may not actually be true accounts of what happened. So how do you sort through these reviews to find out the information you actually want? How do you know what to look for in home security systems reviews, and how do you decide what is useful and what isn’t?

What do home security reviews actually talk about? Home security reviews talk about a lot of things. Some will take national home security companies and organize them in a numerical ranking system, taking into account various factors that affect how well their business runs, how successful their products are, and how customers review them. Others will go into greater detail, possibly giving star rankings or numerical rankings but also giving you a paragraph or two about the company and their opinions of and experiences with that home security company. And some will talk in detail about everything, giving a full account with facts and opinions about that company’s service. Generally speaking, reviews will talk about four things: customer service, the quality of their home security products and home security systems, their monitoring services, and how much they charge. Those are the key points to look for in home security reviews, for they will tell you pretty much all you need to know before selecting the home security system you want.

How do you sort between opinion and fact in home security reviews? This is a critical distinction to make, not only for knowing how to understand home security reviews but for life in general. Many people take opinion as fact and fact as opinion, not realizing that there’s a huge difference between them. Remember, an opinion is based on a person’s perspective. If someone says that a home security company has horrible security devices and horrible customer service, that is their opinion. There’s no real evidence for you that they have horrible products and service, only that someone thinks the products and service are horrible. (That same person may think football is horrible, and if football is your favorite sport, you probably don’t trust their opinion.) Happiness family 153770663On the other hand, a fact is what actually happened. It is provable by evidence. If someone says that a home security company’s security devices don’t work as they’re supposed to and they’ve been promised three times that someone will come out to repair them, and nobody ever has, then those are facts. There is no opinion in those statements, only indications that 1) the product doesn’t work, 2) phone calls and promises of repair have been made, and 3) no repairs have been made. Now, if they are combined, if someone says that a home security company has horrible security devices because they don’t work as they’re supposed to and the customer service is horrible because they’ve promised to repair them and they haven’t – that is when they’ve made an opinion based on factual evidence. So when you’re looking through home security reviews, beware of inflatable language and strong adjectives that have no factual evidence to back them up. Instead, check the facts and read those reviews that contain actual accounts of what happened in the most objective language possible. You can still learn from those reviews in which people have shared opinions based on their experience, but you have to rely on the actual experience and not the interpretation of that if you’re going to see what that home security company does to its customers and how you might react to it.

In closing, remember that fact and opinion are distinctly different and home security reviews will be full of both. If you read a whole lot of customer reviews saying that they have terrible service and terrible products, but you don’t find any evidence as to why, maybe you should look further. But the information you should really take seriously is going to be anything factual on the topics listed above.